Workshop Introduction

"I really enjoyed this learning experience and feel that Joe & team did a great job of designing and facilitating the course. The articles were very practical and got to the heart of the issues I am struggling with right now."
M.H., Costa Rica

"Overall, this was an excellent overview for me, in terms of the basics of distance education. Thanks to all! And a special thanks to Joe for such good facilitation!"
S. F., Iowa

"I learned so much from the materials and the postings. The content was very helpful but the most important was how Joe conducted the workshop and the ideas from the people who participated."
F.R., Brazil

"It has been enlightening to find out what is happening in other parts of the world with respect to DE. I think the workshop has been really well facilitated and a great model to follow."
H.S., New Zealand

"This workshop made me aware of things I had forgotten, things I didn't know yet, and brought a new slant to what I thought I had mastered. "
C.H., Missouri

Teaching At A Distance: From Concept to Practice


The April/May 2007 session was the final workshop to be offered. After a very successful 4 years of offering the Online Workshop, new priorities/projects are demanding more and more attention and it was time to move on to them. However, due to the many requests that I have received, the workshop materials (PowerPoint presentations, discussion questions, resource links, discussion board, etc., etc.) will be made available - for free - here on this website. This will allow educators, alone or in small groups, to participate in their own self-directed workshop on how to teach at a distance. If you would like to receive an announcement when Teaching At A Distance - Self-Directed is available, please enter your email address in the box below. Joe Levine
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All readings for the Online Workshop are selected from the new book Making Distance Education Work: Understanding Learning and Learners At a Distance. Copies of this book are provided to all workshop participants both in printed form (hard copy sent via regular mail) and as an eBook.

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Making Distance Education Work:
Understanding Learning and Learners At a Distance

S. Joseph Levine, Editor

Part One - Foundations of Distance Education

1. Distance Education: A Shared Understanding by S. Joseph Levine  (Primary Reading - Theme 1)
2. Glossary of Key Terms and Concepts in Distance Education by Diane Sams 
3. Creating a Foundation for Learning Relationships by S. Joseph Levine  (Primary Reading - Theme 1)
4. Mobilizing Needed Resources for Distance Education by Kathleen E. Guy (Supplementary Reading - Theme 4)
5. Instructional Design Considerations For Distance Education Programs by S. Joseph Levine (Primary Reading - Theme 3)
6. Evaluation In Distance Education by S. Joseph Levine (Primary Reading - Theme 5)

Part Two - The Learner in Distance Education

7. The Learner in Distance Education by Gary Teja and S. Joseph Levine (Primary Reading - Theme 2)
8. Responding to Learner Needs in Distance Education: Providing Academic and Relational Support (PARS)
by Stephen D. Lowe (Supplementary Reading - Theme 2)
9. Online Learning: From the Learner's Perspective by Bernard Gwekwerere, Rory Hoipkemeier, Laura Trombley  (Supplementary Reading - Theme 2)
10. Promoting Learner-to-Learner Interaction in Online Distance Education by Lyn Smith
11. When Learners Lead: Building An Online Community: An Interview with Ryan Shaltry
12. A Guide for the Distance Education Learner by Simone Jonaitis  (Supplementary Reading - Theme 2)
13. Distance Learning Inventory - or - So You Are Considering Taking a Distance Education Course! by Simone Jonaitis  (Supplementary Reading - Theme 2)

Part Three - Implementing Distance Education

14. The Internet for the Aged Professor - Some Surprising Pluses by George Axinn (Supplementary Reading - Theme 3)
15. Bringing Eleven Universities to Town! by Marguerite Cotto 
16. Equine Instructor Reaches Irish Students via DVC by Steve Evans (Supplementary Reading - Theme 4)
17. Distance Learning in the Workplace: Practical Problems and Sensible Solutions by Neil Vanderveen
18. Establishing a Distance Education Program in Higher Education by Tim Brannan  (Primary Reading - Theme 4)
19. Dealing with Instructional Technology and Surviving: The Creation of a Student-Focused Online Education Program by Diane Golzynski 
20. Creating a Viable Online Resource: Lessons Learned From the Worldwide Web by S. Joseph Levine (Supplementary Reading - Theme 4)
21. A Brazilian Agribusiness Distance Education Program by Jose Chotguis (Primary Reading - Theme 4)
22. The Open University of Venezuela From Concept to Reality by Zobeida Ramos 
23. The Challenges Facing Distance Education in Southern Africa by Stanley Mpofu 

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