Video Presentations - Teaching At a Distance: From Concept to Practice

Workshop Introduction

"Joe’s powerpoints, the direct contact by email, the responses to messages we have posted have all enabled us to form a relationship with Joe and with the group in general."
M.S., New Zealand

"The learning experience I have gained from this class will be shared in the institution I am working with."
C.G., Philippines

"I hadn't been a fan of PowerPoint presentations in online classes - but I've changed my mind due to experiencing the personal aspect that comes from hearing the instructor's voice and seeing his/her photo."
B.N., Tennessee

Teaching At A Distance: From Concept to Practice


The April/May 2007 session was the final workshop to be offered. After a very successful 4 years of offering the Online Workshop, new priorities/projects are demanding more and more attention and it was time to move on to them. However, due to the many requests that I have received, the workshop materials (PowerPoint presentations, discussion questions, resource links, discussion board, etc., etc.) will be made available - for free - here on this website. This will allow educators, alone or in small groups, to participate in their own self-directed workshop on how to teach at a distance. If you would like to receive an announcement when Teaching At A Distance - Self-Directed is available, please enter your email address in the box below. Joe Levine
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Video Presentations

A key part of the online workshop are five PowerPoint audio/video presentations - one for each of the five workshop themes. Featuring Dr. Joe Levine, each PowerPoint presents the major theme concepts, introduces key ideas that are elaborated in the workshop readings and establishes the discussion questions for the workshop's online Forums.

The five PowerPoint theme presentations are:

    Theme I - The Framework of Distance Education

    Theme II - The Learner in Distance Education

    Theme III - Distance Education Instructional Strategies

    Theme IV - Implementing Distance Education

    Theme V - Evaluating Distance Education

Not sure if your computer and Internet connection are able to receive the PowerPoints? Interested in seeing one of the workshop theme presentations? Click here to watch the presentation for workshop Theme 1 - The Framework of Distance Education.

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