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"I am very fortunate in that I was given funding to enroll in this workshop and encouraged to take it in preparation for developing a distance education course. It has been an eye opening and wonderful opportunity to share ideas and hopefully get my d.e. course off on the right foot."
C.F., Canada

"This course is an excellent example of instructors who take a very active role in responding often and to everyone. It has been so enjoyable learning about each contributor."
S.S., North Carolina

"This learning opportunity has inspired me to look beyond my traditional face-to-face efforts."
R.T., Missouri

Teaching At A Distance: From Concept to Practice

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    April 1 - May 5, 2007 Online Workshop

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    (Sorry - All spaces have been taken for the April/May 2007 Session.)

    Please Note: The April/May session will be the last scheduled workshop to be offered online. After a very successful 4 years of offering this workshop, new priorities have begun to demand more and more attention. It is now time to move on to these other projects. Many thanks to the hundreds of participants who have made these workshops such an exciting learning experience! As always, I am more than happy to answer questions, suggest ideas, and provide feedback to your ideas when it comes to focusing on the learner in distance education. Joe Levine (

Makiing Distance Education Work: Understanding Learning and Learners At A DistanceThe textbook used for the workshop ~ Making Distance Education Work: Understanding Learning and Learners At a Distance ~ is now available for individual purchase. Copies can be ordered directly from

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