Workshop Introduction

"This workshop is what learning is all about! It breaks the silence and enriches the instructors' and learners' worlds. I experienced that participants, regardless of their English proficiency, had the opportunity and were free to share ideas; something that is hard to achieve in a classroom environment! I feel proud and empowered to be an active participant."
E.C., Mozambique

This class..."has been one of the best classes I have had either face to face or otherwise. I think because it has been so thought provoking. "
M.R., Minnesota

"The interaction via the discussion board was good and the facilitators demonstrated the value of timely and thoughtful interaction with the student."
M.H., Costa Rica

"This was an excellent learning experience that gave me lots of information and useful insights that I can use immediately in my duties as a director of distance education at the seminary. "
S.L., South Carolina

Teaching At A Distance: From Concept to Practice


The April/May 2007 session was the final workshop to be offered. After a very successful 4 years of offering the Online Workshop, new priorities/projects are demanding more and more attention and it was time to move on to them. However, due to the many requests that I have received, the workshop materials (PowerPoint presentations, discussion questions, resource links, discussion board, etc., etc.) will be made available - for free - here on this website. This will allow educators, alone or in small groups, to participate in their own self-directed workshop on how to teach at a distance. If you would like to receive an announcement when Teaching At A Distance - Self-Directed is available, please enter your email address in the box below. Joe Levine
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Upcoming Workshop Dates - 2005

For a period of 7 months in 2003/2004, Teaching At a Distance was developed and field tested with a number of different groups of distance educators. Based on these experiences, the online workshop was fine tuned and prepared for offering on a wider scale.

Beginning in July 2004 the online workshop was made available for the first time to the general public. Improvements in the workshop are continually made through the ideas and suggestions of workshop participants.

Current plans call for the workshop to be offered on 3 occasions each year. Participation in the workshop is limited to approximately 30 participants - on a first come/first served basis - which allows for a high level of online interaction. However, with the small workshop size the available spaces usually fill up very quickly and early reservations are encouraged.

The textbook used as the basis for the workshop discussions ~ Making Distance Education Work: Understanding Learning and Learners At a Distance ~ is now available for purchase. Copies can be ordered directly from

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